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■Privacy policy
Please see the Personal Information protection policy page for more details.
■Handling personal information
License Academy (hereinafter called “the company) which operates Yu Language Academy (hereinafter called “the school”) shall respect the privacy of those who wish to study at the school (hereinafter called “the user”) and control the personal information (detailed as below) of a user with meticulous care.
Personal information shall include information and data of each user and shall be identified by a name, address, phone number, e-mail address, nationality and/or other components. Any information/date which can be verified by other information/data, enabling a concerned individual to be identified as a result if the personal information cannot identify the use, shall also be included in the personal information.
2.Purposes of using personal information
The purposes of personal information shall be detailed as below. The personal information shall not be used for any purposes other than those stated below.
(1)Distributing information/date regarding the school brochures, dormitories and application guidebook.
(2)Distributing mail magazines and notices
(3)Replies to inquiries
3.Optionality in providing personal information
Note that any services including the distribution of information shall not be available, unless otherwise necessary options are ticked when using.
4.Providing personal information to a third party
The company shall not provide personal information to a third party without consent from a user. The personal information may be provided when a recipient of the said personal information and the contents of the personal information to be provided are specified and consent is obtained from a user. However, the personal information may be provided without consent from a user without violating the concerned laws/acts in the following cases.
(1) Under the laws/acts
(2) When a life is under threat, a person or asset may need protection but consent cannot be obtained easily.
(3) When the improvement in public health and/or sound development of the juveniles is required but consent cannot be obtained easily.
(4) When cooperation is required by the government, a local government or a person/party contracted to execute work by the government or the local government who conducts work stipulated under the laws/acts but the execution of the said work may be affected by obtaining consent from a concerned person.
(5) When a part of whole of work covering personal information is outsourced within a necessary scope for a purpose of completing tasks.
(6) When personal information is provided for succeeding business due to merging or other reasons and is handled within a scope agreed before the succession of the business.
5.Outsourcing of processing personal information
The company may outsource a part or whole of work involving personal information. In addition, the company and an outsoucee shall conclude a confidentiality agreement over handling of personal information, and the company shall monitor and supervise the outsoucee and its work appropriately.
6.Requests concerning the disclosure /correction of intended personal information
The company shall disclose or change (correction, addition or deletion of the contents) intended personal information or suspend the use of personal information (suspension or deletion of the use of personal information or suspension of providing intended personal information to a third party) upon request from a use or his/her attorney.
A.A counter handling disclosures, and document to be submitted
Phone us when requesting disclosure (contact number here). Documents to be submitted shall be notified when contacting us.
B.Personal identification shall be required for verification when disclosing personal information in the following manners.
Name, address, phone number
C.Reply to a request for disclosures
A reply to a request shall be sent to an applicant to an address stated in an application form. If wishing to receive a reply in a manner other than in writing, notify us when applying.
D.Reasons for nondisclosure
Personal information shall not be disclosed in cases of 1) ~ 7). A reason(s) shall be notified when nondisclosure is applied.
1) when a concerned person cannot be verified as an address stated in an application form does not match the address registered at the company.
2) if the power of attorney cannot be verified when an attorney applies
3) when a specified document is flawed
4) when personal information requested for disclosure does not match intended personal information
5) when a life of a third party may be threatened, physical harm may be assumed to a third party or assets and/or rights/benefits of a third party may be damaged.
6) when the business of the company may be disturbed
7) when the other laws/acts may be violated
7.Complaints and/or inquiry
The company shall handle complaints, consultation and/or inquiry regarding personal information submitted to us appropriately and without delay. (Contact ushere
8.Accuracy of personal information
The company shall take thorough care in handling and processing personal information submitted. However, a user shall be responsible of the accuracy and update of personal information.
9.Restrictions against obtaining the subtleties of personal information
The company shall not obtain personal information including the following contents as a general rule. However, it is not limited to this when a user provides them at his/her discretion.
(1) Contents including thoughts, belief and/or religion
(2) Contents which may cause social discrimination including race, ethnicity, family origin, registered domicile (information regarding domicile prefectures excluded), physical/mental impairment, criminal record
(3) Contents regarding rights to organize, rights to collective bargaining and other rights involving collective acts.
(4) Contents regarding participation in collective demonstration, exertion of rights of petition and/or other political rights.
(5) Contents regarding health/medical care and sexual life
10.Personal information control
The company shall take thorough care in conducting appropriate security measurements in order to prevent loss, abuse and/or falsification. The personal information is stored in safe environments not accessible by general users.
11.Identity verification
The company shall verify a customer/employee by using identifiable information/data (name, address, phone number, e-mail address and/or nationality) when a user requests to disclose, correct or delete personal information or suspend the use of personal information. However, the company shall not be liable for any information that can identify an individual when the said information is obtained by a person other than the said person.
12.Changes in the private policy
The company may change the private policy at any time unless otherwise stipulated under the laws/acts.
13.Controller for the private policy
The administrative manager of License Academy Co., Ltd. Shall be in charge of and responsible for controlling the personal information possessed by License Academy Co., Ltd.

Contact number 03-5925-1643 (License Academy Co., Ltd.)
14.14. Inquiry regarding personal information (disclosure, correction, complaint, consultations)
14. Inquiry regarding personal information (disclosure, correction, complaint, consultations)

Student Desk, Administration Department, Yu Language Academy
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