Consulting and guidance | Japanese Language School in Tokyo, Shinjuku : Yu Language Academy

The main policy of our school

Our school gives the students professional consultations on education issues, first of all considering their individual preferences, goals and abilities. Besides, we pay respect to the choices our students make, setting up extra training classes, which help them easily pass any exams (ex. university or college entering exams)


Training classes for exams and interviews

Next Goal is STUDY in Japanese Educational Organizations

Students who wish to continue their study in Japanese Educational Organizations (schools, colleges, universities) can also take:

• test and interview training classes for university admission
Considering our students wishes and area of study which they’ve decided on, our school arranges trips to famous colleges and universities. There they can gain experience and those who were still not sure about their future, make their final decision.

• Nihon Ryugaku Shiken preparation classes
Which includes not only japanese language training but also english language and mathematics classes.

Next Goal is WORK

Those students who aim to work here, in Japan, Yu Language Academy helps them with
all needed preparations (interviewing and admission tests).

*Notice: the extra curriculum training lessons are free.