Student’s support | Japanese Language School in Tokyo, Shinjuku : Yu Language Academy

One of our school's main task is to support our students, keep them 'in shape'. Japanese language learning process is not an easy one, it's serious, calls for efforts, but still is amazingly interesting and fascinating. Here, we all work hard, in collaboration, making our students fully enjoy their school and daily life.

Student's dormitories

Our school is located in Tokyo.
If you're planning on renting an apartment not far from the school be prepared that the price would be very high, Tokyo is nearly the most expensive town in the world.
But don't worry! Yu Language Academy has got 6 dormitories, which are located not far from the school, so the students can walk to it, saving on their travelling expenses.

Our school has got 6 students dormitories with 3 types of rooms:
• single rooms
• rooms for 2 students
• rooms for 4 students

* Comparing to apartment rent, our dormitories' fee is much lower.


About apartment

If a student doesn't want to live in a school dormitories, and wishes to rent an apartment on his own, our school helps him to find an appropriate accommodation.


Scholarship support system

Scholarship support and a part-time job for the long term course students who have college student visa and short term course students who have working holiday visa.

You have come here to study!
But you would have the part-time job which helps you to pay tuition fee and dormitory's fee.
We work hard to make it easer for you to achieve all these aims.

Our school has got a scholarship support program, promoted by Yu License Academy Company, the founder of Yu Language Academy school. It provides our students with not scheduled, part times.

There's also the award which is given to long term course students, 2 amounts of 20,000 yen. The contenders for these awards are students with:

• excellent language progress
• classes attendance, not less than 95%

We do our best to make your life here convenient and study – easier!


Consultation for students about daily life

There're Russian, English, Chinese and Korean speaking staffs working in our language school. If the students are having difficulties, problems or questions regarding school life, study process or daily life, they are always free to ask our school staffs for help.