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Current student's voice

Aksenov Yury

Russia, Sochi city

Hi there!
My name is Yury. I've been studying in Yu Language Academy for more than a year.
It was a little hard for me in school, when I'd just got here, because couldn't speak Japanese at all. But thanks to the school's teachers, who have got the abilities to simply and understandably teach the language, I began to understand and speak Japanese in no time.
One of the advantages is that there're no that many students studying here, in Yu, so it feels like home in here. People are easy-going and communicative, which is great, i think, because thanks to that, I've got lots of friends in here.
Though the teachers here do treat you nice like their own children, they're quite strict too. So if you think you can cheat or skip classes.....just forget about that, because you won't be able.
If you do want to learn Japanese language and remember the time you'd spent here for eternity, than Yu is the best choice for you!
There's only one condition, promise that you'll do your best having great time here while studying and getting closer to Japan!!

Guboglo Irina


These are perfectly suitable words to describe the life I had before i came here, in Japan, they are: boring, tedious, dull… I was a good student; my grades were high when I studied law in Academy of Labor and Social Relations. But yet, I could feel no satisfaction whenever I was doing at that time. I always thought, whether that was the right thing for me to do at that time. I also wanted to find out what exactly I wanted to do, would that be able to make me happy and satisfied. That was the moment, I’ve decided to drastically change my way of living.

Why Japan? I don’t know… even now I’m not able to answer this question. I couldn’t even imagine that my life would change this much after I came here, in Japan.

I do feel like ‘here’ is the perfect place for me, where I’m able to change, do what I want to do, challenge, not be afraid, experience my new life, open my mind, make new friends see new places. But the most important and really valuable thing is that I’ve found new me, the one I like and sympathize.

But yet, all these things are possible, when you know the language. Because the language is what binds everything in here.

I’m studying in Yu Language Academy. My love for Japanese Language and it’s people makes my everyday life and study here super-interesting and fascinating. The teachers here make their best working very hard to teach us the language. Though Japanese is difficult, the learning process is easy and efficient. But the teachers are not the only one who have to make efforts, students, those who came here, in Japan to study must do their best to strive as well. It’s not enough just ‘to be present’ at the classes, You have to work hard on your language all the time, 24 hours per day, even when you’re daydreaming, talking to yourself or sleeping, you have to do it all in Japanese!!

Now I ‘m totally sure, Yu Language Academy is the right and perfect place for me! I do believe that here I’ve begun my path, the walk into my significant future, where I see myself entering a University in Japan, and continue my study here, in the country that still fascinates and drives me crazy.

I’m extremely happy to have the opportunity to be here, broaden my outlook, and do everything possible to get closer to my dreams and reveries.

I’d like also to thank people who support me all the time, help and lighten my path, still, not asking anything in return, having my back and, simply, being next to me all the time.

I do know we have got a lot of time to spend together creating tons of unforgettable and pleasant memories!

Graduated Student's voice

Kryvorotko Vladyslav

Ukraine, Kiev city

I've never been the role model student, never been encouraged by teachers of Yu Language Academy. Concentration - my weak point, but the teachers in this school could inspire me so much that I forgot about the other thoughts for 4 hours. Sometimes it was exhausting - homesick feelings, lots of homework and the other stuff caused a lot of stresses. Teamwork is not for me, but teachers were able to create a family atmosphere in the class and treat me like a mother. When I came to Japan I have know any basic skills in Japanese such as katakana, hiragana either. Three month after was able to communicate with my Japanese friends in Japanese. But in Yu Language I gained now only great knowledge of Japanese and Japanese culture, but it was also some kind of spirit education. School life has studied me to set aims and pursue them.....and thanks to staff's warm charge I learned the meaning of "teamwork".

For beginners: sometimes studying seems hard, but it's only "seems". Don't be afraid - you have a lot of time after school’s lessons. But don't forget that spree is your enemy - don't lose your important time. Just try to absorb Japanese everywhere - in subway, on TV or drinking' with Japanese friends. And if something is not clear or you are confused - teachers will help.


Student’s voice